• Producer, drone operator, a report on Belarus-Russia relations crisis for ARD


  • Producer, “Black Sea, Ukraine”, documentary for ARTE/ZDF, 45 minutes
    • Producer, drone operator, Etihad Airways commercial “Minsk, a day in the life”


  • Producer, a story on Ildar Dadin’s release from a penal colony in Rubtsovsk, Russia for ARD
  • Producer, a story on garage life in Ulyanovsk, Russia for ARD
  • Producer, “Who Do You Think You Are?” Justine Clark Episode, SBS TV


  • Executive Producer, “Woods” fiction film, Director Lothar Herzog, Rohfilm, Belarus, March-September, 2016
  • Location Producer for Ukraine, Belarus and Romania “Awaken” documentary, Director Tom Lowe, Dubai Films, 2016


  • Executive producer, “Die Memel – Stiller Fluss mit bewegter Geschichte, documentary, 45 min, director Wolfgang Wegner, NDR,sendung540698.html
  • Executive producer, “Winter in Weissrussland”, documentary, 45 min, director Wolfgang Wegner, NDR  http://www.ndr/fernsehen/sendungen/laender-menschen-abenteuer/Winter-in-Weissruss45land,sendung447530.html
  • Executive producer, “Zerrissene Ukraine”, documentary, 45 min, director Golineh Atai, ARD
  • Belarus producer, “Von Amsterdam Nach Odessa”, travel documentary, 10×26 min, ARTE,
  • Assistant producer for Belarus, “Our Planet”, documentary, 48 min, Silverback Films


  • Executive producer, “Abenteuer Mongolei”, travel documentary, 2×45 min, director Ina Ruck, WDR
  • Producer, documentary: “Belarus: Undercover in Europe’s last dictatorship” Channel 4 News, UK
  • Producer, a series of reports from 2014 Sochi Olympic Games for ABC TV
  • Producer, a series of reports from pro-Russian separatists-held Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, for ARD from January to June, 2014


  • Producer, “Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”, documentary, 76 min, director Madeleine Sackler
  • Line producer, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, BBC, Series 5 and 6, Artemis International and Serendipity Productions
  • Fixer, “Fake or Fortune” Series on Mark Chagall, BBC One


  • Producer, “Teddy Bear Democrats”, documentary, 22 min, SBS TV
  • Producer, “Bombing Belarus?” documentary, 30 min, BBC News Our World series, John Sweeney
  • Producer, “Sex in the City – Ukraine’s Sex Tourism Boom”, documentary, 23 min, SBS TV


  • Globe Trekker Ukraine series, Pilot TV production for Travel and PBS channels
  • Producer, cameraman, “Europe’s Last Dictator”, documentary, 55 min, Guerilla Pictures, best documentary, London Independent Film Festival 2012,


    • Producer, “Ghost Ship – The mystery of the MV Arctic Sea”, documentary, 20 min, SBS TV  
    • Author, cameraman, “Life Under Lukashenka: The Comfortable Confines of Art”, documentary, 6 min, TOL, 
    • Producer, “A Shaman’s Prayer – the spirits of Tuva”, documentary, 14 min, SBS TV,


    • Producer, “Kyrgyzstan: Price of corruption”, documentary, 22 min, AlJazeera International, People and Power series  
    • Sights and Sounds of the Mysterious Side of Myself , documentary, 30 min, USA
    • Report on US involvement in politics and corruption in Kyrgyzstan that Belarus Productions produced for AlJazeera International (English Service) in 2009. Part 1, Part 2
    • Fixer, “Free Theatre of Belarus”, documentary, 22 min, AlJazeera International, Witness program
    • Producer, author, correspondent, “Belarus Free Theatre”, documentary, 7 min, Belsat TV
    • Producer, cameraman, “All You Need Is Love” AIDS awareness video.  On December 7th, 2009, musicians from 156 countries of the world joined together to sing “All You Need Is Love” to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa. Live broadcast from 124 countries was organised in London and New York. The event with participation of “Zorachka” choir produced by Belarus Productions was registered in the Guinness Records Book.


    • Producer, ”Putin’s People – Russia”, documentary, 16 min, SBS TV
    • “Returning home to Chernobyl”, a report for AlJazeera International (English Service) in Cernobyl-contaminated areas


    • Line Producer, “Who Do You Think You Are?” Natasha Kaplinsky Episode, BBC
    • Documentary “Unknown Friends” for RBB

    Rendering production services in shooting of the following documentaries and short films:

    • “The Door”
Documentary, 97 min, 2006. 
Director – Michael Verhoeven. 
The Wehrmacht-Exhibition, which was shown in eleven major cities between 1999 and 2004 and was visited by more than 500,000 attendants, challenged an established social taboo. Up to that point, the image of the ‘morally proper’ German forces had been kept up in the public debate in Germany. Suddenly, there were photos of Wehrmacht officers killing civilians. The nation was severely shaken. Any participation of the German forces in Nazi crimes was unbearable to the people in post-war Germany, so it continued to be publicly denied. Michael Verhoeven has traced some of the crimes the Wehrmacht is alleged to have committed. And filmed in the places of terror in the Ukraine and Belarus.

    • “89 millimetres”
    Documentary, Belarus, 2004 77 min.
    Director – Sebastian Heinzel
    Special Mention of the Jury, Documentary Festival Kassel, 2004

    • “Samagon” (Moonshine)
    Documentary, Belarus, 12 min, 2004.
    Directed by Sebastian Heinzel and Eugen Schlegel.
    Best Documentary, International Competition, Interfilm Festival Berlin, 2004
    2nd Price of the Jury, Short Cuts Cologne, 2004