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Belarus Productions has rendered production services in shooting of the following documentaries and short films:

"The Door"
Short film, Belarus, Ukraine, 17 min.
Date of release - 2008.
Language - Russian.
Director - Juanita Wilson.
Production - Octagon Films.

Funded by Irish Film Board.
Best Short Film, Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films, 2008
Best Short Film, Cork International Film Festival, 2008
Best Short Film, Foyle Film Festival, 2008
Best Short Film, Irish Film and Television Awards, 2009
Best Director, Grand OFF, World OFF, Poland, 2009
Nominated for 82nd Oscar Academy Awards, 2010.

The film is based on a true story by Svetlana Alexievich about a young family in the Soviet Union suffering deadly consequences of 1986 Chernobyl accident.

"The Unknown Soldier - What Did You Do in the War, Dad? (Der Unbekannte Soldat)".
Documentary, 97 min.

Date of release - 08/2006.
Director - Michael Verhoeven.
Production: Sentana Filmproduction GmbH.
Genre History
Year of Production 2006
Screenplay Michael Verhoeven
Directors of Photography Stefan Schindler, Valentin Kurz, Knut Muhsik
Producer Michael Verhoeven
Production Company Sentana Film/Munich, in co-production with EIKON Media/Berlin
Length 97 min
Format DigiBeta
Original Version German/English/Ukrainian
With backing from BKM, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmstiftung NRW

The Wehrmacht-Exhibition, which was shown in eleven major cities between 1999 and 2004 and was visited by more than 500,000 attendants, challenged an established social taboo. Up to that point, the image of the 'morally proper' German forces had been kept up in the public debate in Germany. Suddenly, there were photos of Wehrmacht officers killing civilians. The nation was severely shaken. Any participation of the German forces in Nazi crimes was unbearable to the people in post-war Germany, so it continued to be publicly denied. Michael Verhoeven has traced some of the crimes the Wehrmacht is alleged to have committed. And filmed in the places of terror in the Ukraine and Belarus.

"89 millimetres"
( D/BLR 2004
Documentary, Belarus, 77 min.
Date of release - 2004.
Director - Sebastian Heinzel.
Production - Kloos and Co.
Special Mention of the Jury, Documentary Festival Kassel, 2004

"Samagon" (Moonshine)
D/BLR 2004
Documentary, Belarus, 12 min.
Date of release - 2004.
Directed by Sebastian Heinzel and Eugen Schlegel.
Sebastian Heinzel
Camera: Eugen Schlegel
Production - Film and Television Academy "Konrad Wolf"
Supported by Kloos and Co.
Best Documentary, International Competition, Interfilm Festival Berlin, 2004
2nd Price of the Jury, Short Cuts Cologne, 2004

Besides, Belarus Productions has extensive experience of cooperation with European and US broadcasters (ARD, DW, WDR, BBC, Euronews, NRK, SPS, etc.) and print journalists (Times, Independent, Globe and Mail, the Economist, Financial Times, Boston Globe, etc.). In 2004-2009 Belarus Productions has independently produced over a dozen news reports from Belarus for ARD, several reports for AlJazeera International (English Service), documentary "Who Do You Think You Are?" for BBC, documentary "Unknown Friends" for RBB (Berlin regional ARD channel) and two reports for Euronews’ “Parlamento” program.

Our Productions:

On December 7th, 2009, musicians from 156 countries of the world joined together to sing "All You Need Is Love" to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa. Live broadcast from 124 countries was organised in London and New York. The event with participation of "Zorachka" choir produced by Belarus Productions was registered in the Guinness Records Book.

A report on US involvement in politics and corruption in Kyrgyzstan that Belarus Productions produced for AlJazeera International (English Service) in 2009. Part 1

The report on US involvement in politics and corruption in Kyrgyzstan Part 2

A recent report that Belarus Productions shot for AlJazeera International (English Service) in Cernobyl contaminated areas

"Putin's People". A report on Russian politics produced by Belarus Productions for SBS TV








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